Kishor Man Pradhan won the battle against Covid 19

Thanks to Covid Consultant’s team: D.M. Dr. Bidesh Bista, Chest Specialist Dr. Triloki Nath Gupta, General Physician Dr. Navin Kumar Mishra, Chest Specialist Dr. Ashok Adhikari, Cardiologist

Critical Care Team: Dr. Ravi Ram Shrestha Dr. Bindu Laxmi Shah Dr. Luna Sharma And our entire Covid Medical Officer Team, Nursing Team, Housekeeping Team, LAB team , Pharmacy team

And entire Hospital Team involved directly and indirectly for smooth quality care. "Participating in Nation's Health with Safe, Standard and Satisfying Services" Blue Cross Hospital


Dalakpa Sherpa of age 81 won the fight against Covid-19

I am very much happy and thankful to entire Blue Cross Hospital Medical and Management team for taking care of me and making me fight against Covid 19. I am very much satisfied and happy with the entire services and quality care.

Shresha Karmacharya

Thank you Doctor Prajwal and Blue Cross Hospital Team for wonderful work you have done to aid with my healing process.Thank You for all you have done and continue doing for me as well as entire Karmacharya Family. It is much appreciated.

Ishwori Upreti

Mr.Ishwori Upreti discharged after quality care and treatment from Blue Cross Hospital. We believe in quality care. Participating in Nation's Health with Safe, Standard and Satisfying Services.

Mr. Sunil Bista

Thank You Dr. Shilu Shrestha and entire Hospital Team for your quick , effective and efficient Health Services. Thank You is not enough for your effort and dedication towards treatment and care.